Billie Elliot Gallery
                     created 1/12
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        Here are 39 images I captured from several videos on the the Billie Elliot web site. Mostly these images from various productions flash by in a second or two. Video resolution is only 480 dpi.  The last image is in the dance studio showing what the NYT called 'Billie school'. The overall order is semi-random within sequences.

Billie talks to his (dead) mum

Durham Miners Association goes on strike

Billie and Mrs Wilkinson


give them old razzle dazzle with feather boas


girls get to do their grand jetes

Mrs Wilkinson, cigarette in hand, graphically describes how to hold a spot when doing a pirouette


mad dance


preparation for grand jete

Billie takes off into his grand jete

Billie with grandma

'Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher' at miner Christmas show

dream dance sequence (with chair)

flying dream dance sequence

Billie on the wire

Billie, girls, and cops dance

Billie has gotten into Royal Ballet school

miner headlamps light stage

post-bow dance

post-bow dance

'Billie school' in the dance studio (not part of show)
Shows why good technique is so important....